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Modeling a fast easy Ipod for new cinema 4d users
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To start this we need a new project, so click on  File > New

and then make a Basic Cubic shape. 


Click on the Cube and change the settings on it to
x   500
y   25
z   250
Radius  10m
Subdivision  3


Next make a plane with the
width     230
height   215
width segments 1
height segments 1
and then the  Coordinates of
x -112
y 12.5
z  0


Now we need to make a Tube to make the "click wheel"
make the
Inner Radius 30m
outer radius  85m
Rotaion  36
Cap Segments 1
Height 2m
Height segments 1
and change the Coordinates to
x 122m
y 12m
z 0m


Now to make the colors of the ipod (turned off)
to do this go to the material/textures area and click
File>New material and double click on it
as the Color box is checked make a
Greenish brown
with the options as
R 220
G 219
B 192
and to the same for 2 diffrent black colors/textures
Light Black                       Dark Black
R 77                                  R 61
G 77                                  G 61
B 77                                  B 61
After these are made, click and hold then drag the diffrent materials up to their object needed


Then simply click the render button and watch it go.... this is a VERY simple project and can be put into more detail later if wanted